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“Bringing the outdoors into your interiors”, our nod to Madeleine Castaing...

JARDIN D'ETE is a collection of wallpaper and fabric, where the spirit of MC  continues to exist. Madeleine Castaing loved gardens. The winter gardens,  the summer gardens, which she designed with her eclectic, always chic style.  

We find this timeless chic with these elegant colored canework. Extending the exterior of the gardens into the interior of the houses was a sign of MC’s creation. Let us let ourselves be transported to rural, romantic worlds of French or English parks, or even to more picturesque places like equestrian centers.


A dream of freedom...

History of Aviation is the 3rd collection by Catherine Gran. After the Earth element with hares, the Sea element with water lilies, Air seemed obvious. The bird makes us dream, symbol of freedom, and the fascination with flying, from there, aviation was born.  Let’s dream with this abundance of plants, birds in every direction, these fantasized brown species !


Life in blue !

Soft harmony of blue for cozy and comfortable interiors. For seat or curtain use, Svensson fabrics, wether in Trevira CS or wool, are all « eco labeled ». A range which also extends to textiles classified as soundproofing and solar control. The collection can be discovered in our showroom 23 rue du mail 75002 Paris.


The Mysteries of Castaing...

“Each room decorated by Madeleine Castaing is filled with mystery, magic and life”.Here, make way for daydreaming, for wisdom on a blue and chocolate background. Lola Montez frieze, available in 5 colors. 100 % non wooven.